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Our mission is to help people with hearing loss by providing high quality, durable hearing aids at low prices. We support retailers by providing training and hearing testing equipment.

Our product line is composed of two categories of hearing aids: QUICK-FIT and PROGRAMMABLE.

Programmable hearing aids can be precisely configured to fit each user’s hearing loss, using any Windows® computer, and a HiPro programming box. All of our hearing aids including our quick-fit models are 100% digital.


Our hearing aids have a triple barrier protecting them against moisture, dust, perspiration, and temperature:

  • All exposed metal connectors are gold-plated
  • Electronic circuits are coated with a protective polymer
  • Assembled hearing aids are nanocoated, which means they have an ultrathin layer of liquid repellent applied to all surfaces.

Our hearing aids are built for easy maintenance, spare parts are made readily available to our clients.


All hearing aids including a telecoil can be used with our bluetooth wireless streamer.